Working with us

We can guide you through the full building process from planning permission to building control and then on to Construction.

MR Planning Drawing.jpg

Design / Planning

We will visit the site for an initial consultation, without charge, where we can establish your requirements and define a brief for your project. From here, we can develop design options to discuss and agree with you. Whether it is extensions, new-build and/or refurbishments.

We would prepare and submit the planning/listed building application(s) on your behalf and consult with other professionals to provide any additional supporting reports required by the local authority.

Building Control / Contractor Quotations

After planning approval, we then prepare technical drawings and liaise with the building control inspector so your project can meet building regulations.

We will work with you to appoint the necessary consultants such as party wall surveyors and engineers and continue to work with the local authority to discharge any conditions they have imposed.

At this stage, we would prepare the specifications, detailed drawings and schedules on which contractors can prepare a quotation and construction programme. We will review the contractors quotations with you to agree how to proceed.

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MR Construction.JPG


We can continue to be involved during the construction process by making site visits. We can administer a building contract between you and your contractor and provide valuations of the completed works at regular intervals, certifying payments and amending any changes for accountability.